Jörg and Max Müller

Jörg Müller (l.) and Max Müller (r.)

The coronavirus pandemic affects us all, every business and everyone’s private life. It’s a worldwide crisis that demands a lot of energy from all of us, especially because we suddenly have to cope with major uncertainties  and stress to an extent that no one of us – luckily – had to cope with ever before.

Currently the business activity of Lübbering Umwelttechnik GmbH runs on a normal level. We can process all orders, ship every product and perform every requested service. Certainly under more difficult conditions and strict adherence to the highest possible sanitary standards. We have been able to react early enough and were able to order disinfectant, protection masks and wet wipes, before supply shortage occured.

Because of that we should not complain and our thoughts are with everybody whose businesses are standing still completely and are in fear for their existence without being responsible for the causes of this situation. But we are looking forward to an uncertain future, too. We very much hope that the situation will not get any worse. Our industry wouldn’t be protected against serious declines in overall revenues if the crisis would go on very much longer.

We wish you lots of strength, luck and resilience in these difficult times. And above all: Stay healthy!

Jörg Müller, Max Müller
and the whole team of Lübbering Umwelttechnik GmbH