Equipment for collecting fuel AEL S

Developed as an inexpensive system for retrofitting dome shafts which complies with the German ordinance for facilities handling water-hazardous substances (VawS). The AEL S (collecting device for domestic fuel) is a solution which is suitable for practically all types of dome shafts.

DIBt approval (German Institute for Structural Engineering) Z-65.5-276. Retrofittable in dome shafts for tanks storaging heating fuel, diesel fuel, lubrication oil with a flash point above 55° C and used lubrication oil of known origin with a flash point above 55° C.

The filling tube in the dome shaft is shortened to a prescribed length and fitted with an outside thread. The AEL S is screwed onto this shortened hose using the adapter element which has already been pre-assembled at our works. The collecting basin is made of high-grade steel and reliably retains the drips of oil caused when the filling hose is connected and disconnected.

These leakages can be safely conveyed to the storage tank by means of integrated spring-restored bypass valve. The troublesome disposal of these residues is eliminated and the fuel that is paid for reaches the tank where it belongs. When the tank is not being filled, the permanently attached high-grade steel lid protects the collecting system from water, dust and dirt.

The system is easy to install and requires no structural changes to the dome shaft. Existing dual-line systems need to be converted to single-line systems with Flaco containers. Scope of delivery is the collecting tray made of high-grade steel including brass screw adapter, integrated bypass valve and high-grade steel cover.

The AEL S can be supplied either for mounting onto a 2″ filling tube or for mounting onto a 3″ filling tube.

Item numbers :
• AEL S 2″ = 1AELS100282
• AEL S 3″ = 1AELS100301

Regulatory approval

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