We have already been producing, among other things, the concrete collars of our product areas WAD III E and WAD III M in air-entrained concrete since our foundation in 2003.

Today you can choose between the different concrete qualities C30/37 LP (outside storing-filling-handling areas – LAU) and C35/45 LP (within LAU areas / also with DIBt certification Z‑74.3‑142). They correspond to the exposure class XF4 and ensure a high frost and de-icing salt resistance.

The concrete qualities C30/37 LP and C35/45 LP are air-entrained concrete. Depending on the assigned exposure class, concrete may have to be produced as air-entrained concrete. Concrete of the exposure class XF4 must be produced as air-entrained concrete. The class  XF4 is assigned to, e.g. traffic surfaces treated with de-icing salt, predominantly horizontal components in the splash zone of traffic surfaces treated with de-icing salt, concrete safety barriers, scraper tracks of sewage treatment plants and seawater components in the maritime splash zone. Since manhole covers with concrete collar are often used on roads, thus being considerably affected by the freeze-thaw cycle, it is generally recommended to use air-entrained concrete.

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